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Telekørsel and Telependler


Telekørsel is a part of the public traffic in Assens municipality, especially for locations and times with only few buses and departures.
Anyone can use Teletaxi, and it gives you increased, flexible travelling options when you need them.
So if you can't make the bus departures fit your needs at all, you can choose Telekørsel.

Using Telekørsel requires planning in advance. You have to order transportation at least two hours before departure - the day before will be even better.
You have to cancel the transportation yourself if you are prevented.

Telekørsel may cause early pickup time, because others might be going the same direction as you in the same Teletaxi.

The fee for Telekørsel is calculated according to how many areas you cross within one ride.
You can see the areas on the Picture below.

If you ride within 1 area, the fee is 25 kr. per ride.
If you ride within 2 areas, the fee is 40 kr. per ride. 

Verninge is situated at area 5 in the map

Please be aware, that with Telekørsel you can maximum be transported within two areas.
This will require, that you combine Telekørsel with bus if you come from area 3 (Assens) or area 6 (Haarby).

If you have a valid DSB-Ticket or -Card or a valid Bus Pass, you can use Teletrafik for free.
School Bus Pass, Youth Bus Pass or Travellers Card are not valid for Teletrafik.

For additional questions or order please call 6311 2255


With Telependler you kan make a fixed arrangement for rides with Teletaxi.

Telependler is primarily for the ones, who have a daily need for public transport, and who lives more than one km from a busstop.

For example you can be picked up by Teletaxi in the morning for a ride to a busstop, and here you continue for your destination with a bus. In the afternoon you make an appointment for pickup at the same busstop for the ride home again.

Rules for signing up with Telependler:

  • You have at least one km from your home to a busstop or a bus- or train station.
  • You have a valid bus pass for either FynBus or DSB
  • You have the need for making a fixed arrangement for a period of at least two weeks.

For additional questions or order please call 6311 2255