Om Jobcenter Assens

Bus and train from Aarup

The busstop at the Jobcenter is called Verninge Forsamlingshus/Langstedvej

Bus Route 130-131 departs for Vissenbjerg, where you can change for route 268P
The bus departs from Aarup at least once an hour. Travelling time is approximately 12 minutes.

Check timetable for route 130-131 here    
At Vissenbjerg you can change for route 268P which departs approximately once an hour.

Check timetable for route 268 here

When you look in the busplan, the busstop for the Jobcenter lies between Bregnemose og Verninge Kro.
The busstop is right at JKC.

These buses stop at our doorstep.

It is also possible to go by train from Aarup Station to Tommerup St., where you can change for bus route 268P (link to timetable above).
Taking the train implies at short 250 m walk from Tommerup St. to the bus stop (Teglværksvej, Tommerup).
You can see a Picture of the route below.

Find departure times for the train here  
You must correct the date and time for the day of departure in order to ensure the right departure times.

Route from Tommerup St. to the bus stop in Tommerup.