Om Jobcenter Assens

Buses from Assens

The busstop at the Jobcenter is called Verninge Forsamlingshus/Langstedvej
There is another busstop for some of the busses at Assensvej.
You can see both busstops at the pictures below.

Bus Route 151-152-153 is a direct route. It departs Assens at least once an hour.

OBS! Bus 151 implies a short walk.

Check bus timetable for route 151-152-153 here
When you look in the busplan, the busstop for the Jobcenter is at Assensvej (151) or between Verninge/Assensvej and Verninge Kro (152-153))

Bus Route 130-131 departs for Glamsbjerg approximately every second hour.
In Glamsbjerg you can change for Bus Route 151-152-153 (look above).

Check bus timetables for route 130-131 here     

The bus stop at Assensvej implies a short walk, as you can see on the map.
These busses stop right at our doorstep.